Clinical Trial Services

Clinical Trial Services is one of the pillars of Delta Healthcare Consulting. We can help you with services like Home Care Services, Site Services and Courses.

Home Care Services

From Clinical Trial Services expertise we noticed that home visits are often a decisive factor for participating in a study. Simply not having to go anywhere and being monitored at home, at work, at school,… takes away practical hurdles. It gives patients the opportunity to incorporate the study into their daily lives, resulting in motivated participants and a lower drop-out level.

But managing home visits requires a considerable amount of planning and project management. Coordinating home visits, offering study-specific training courses, contacting labs and couriers, administrative follow-up, communicating with study managers and sites… are essential for an accurate study follow-up.  Furthermore, an extensive network of experienced home nurses providing patients with the necessary study-specific knowledge in their own familiar environment, is indispensable.  Partner up with DHCC and experience the benefits of home visits.

Site Services

Planning, coordinating and monitoring a study results in an additional workload for all those who are involved. Insufficient staff capacity on site?

Delta Healthcare Consulting can reinforce your team with experienced and trained research physicians, coordinators, laborants and study nurses. We can execute the entire study or assist during work pressure peaks.

Our services can be flexibly customized. Ranging from selecting and screening patients to taking blood samples, sample processing, data collection, general administration, data entry etc.

Training & Courses

Medical Equipment
Are you planning on working with new medical equipment, whether or not as part of a clinical trial?
We provide training for:

  • Infusion pumps
  • Injection syringe pumps
  • ECG devices
  • Spirometry devices, …

ICH-GCP Training
We also provide ICH-GCP training. Our ICH-GCP training is recognized by Transcelerate.

First Aid Training
Are you looking for a First Aid Training, whether or not in function of a clinical trial?
Delta Healthcare Consulting offers a wide range of first aid courses. For more information, visit