Case Study

For a new trial, children with Diabetes need to get a weekly injection of the investigational product.
The family lives more than an hour away from the hospital, meaning that not only the child has to miss school,
but one of the parents also needs to take time off work to drive.


  • Upon inclusion, the hospital contacts us with the coordinates of the patient
  • We train a local nurse on the study specific protocol and keep the hospital informed
  • The nurse administers the I.P. at the patients home, at the most convenient time for the patient
  • Whenever any symptoms or adverse events occur, the site is immediately notified
  • After quality control, the visit document are sent to the site
  • We are available 24/7 if any problems occur and provide support in the mother tongue of the patient/nurse/site


  • A patient who would otherwise be excluded from the study due to geographical location, can now be included
  • The study has less impact on the daily lives of the family
  • The personal contact with the nurse, ensures higher compliance
  • The study site receives all study documentation timely and is therefore informed on the status of the patient
  • A close contact with the study site, ensures that problems can quickly be identified and resolved

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