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10 benefits of clinical trial home visits

CT home visit

Home visits for clinical trials are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a number of distinct benefits for both the patient and the provider. At Delta Healthcare Consulting, we understand how valuable home visits can be in providing high quality care to patients. A few key benefits of these visits include a more convenient experience, motivated participants, and higher retention rates. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top ten benefits of clinical trial home visits to help you make an informed decision about whether or not this type of service is right for your study.

  1. Improved patient retention in the study: When patients are more comfortable and less burdened by the study, they are more likely to stay enrolled in the trial. Home visits allow patients to continue participating in the study without disrupting their daily routine.
  2. Enhanced patient understanding of the study: Conducting a home visit allows the study staff to explain the study in a comfortable, relaxed setting, and to answer any questions that the patient may have. This can improve the patient’s understanding of the study and their willingness to participate.
  3. Reduced patient burden: Home visits eliminate the need for patients to travel to the study site, which can be time-consuming and burdensome. This can be especially beneficial for patients who have other commitments or caregiving responsibilities.
  4. Increased patient adherence to study protocols: Home visits can make it easier for patients to adhere to study protocols, such as taking medication at a specific time or completing daily diaries.
  5. Improved patient safety: Home visits allow study staff to monitor patients in their natural environment, which can help to identify any potential safety issues or adverse effects that may not have been apparent during clinic visits.
  6. Reduced study costs: Home visits can reduce the overall cost of a clinical trial by eliminating the need for patients to travel to the study site and for study staff to travel to the patient’s home.
  7. Increased data quality: Home visits provide an opportunity for study staff to gather more accurate and detailed information about the patient’s condition and how it is affected by their home environment.
  8. Improved communication between patients and study staff: Home visits can foster a more relaxed and open relationship between patients and study staff, making it easier for the patient to ask questions and raise concerns.
  9. More accurate measurement of outcomes: Conducting assessments and gathering data in the patient’s home environment can provide a more accurate picture of how the patient’s condition is affected by their daily life, rather than only during a clinic visits.
  10. Enhanced understanding of the patient’s environment: Home visits allow study staff to observe the patient’s home environment and identify any factors that may be impacting their health. This can be particularly valuable for studies on conditions that may be related to the patient’s living conditions, such as asthma or allergies.

If you are looking to provide home visits for your patients, let us help! Our experienced team of health professionals is equipped to provide high quality care and support while giving patients the convenience of being able to do their clinical trial from the comfort of their own homes. Contact us today for more information!